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Teachings from a Hebraic Perspective.

This is a continuation to Torah Curriculum 2.

This is a fast pasted time of getting thing done, to show what the students have learned up to the start of camp.  

The Ministerial House Manager is responsible for managing the home as a good steward of God's property.  The mind set is a Host and servant maintaining every aspect to efficiently run the home. When there are students in the home they too, have the responsibility of chores that also helps with this endeavor.

Time of studying God's word is a time of excitement. The practice of receiving Rhema scriptures to study as the students learn to rightly divide the word to the point of presenting the message to a public audience.

The members of the ministerial home students have a shared responsibility to ensure that their actions daily represent the body of Christ and behaviors should be grounded in integrity, respect, and trust. The handbook will help students walk through progressing and living in the ministerial home.

The spirit of an Armorbearer is the heart of a servant. To be the greatest in the Kingdom is to be servant to all. God's Armorbearer  gives the keys to stand with your leader to help fulfill God's vision. This class will help you gain an understanding and how being a good servant of that leader can bring success.

Revelations received through morning prayer, and discussed during the morning Bible Study.

Children get to experience praise and worship and bible study in the morning before starting there day at the academy! They get a chance to share what they  have learned and even get to learn how to come forth in prayer with their classmates.

Prophetic Intensive course is foundations of the Prophetic, Prophetic Culture, Prophetic Activation, Prophetic Protocol, Prophetic Teams.

This course will provide a better understanding of the Five-Fold purpose and how it is God re establishing is hand in the earth. The function of each ascension gift in the earth will be covered in this coarse. Once completion of this coarse each student will have a well round view of the operations of the office and its position and purpose in the church. How and how its should follow qualifications and goals.

 Course content:

In this coarse you will cover all of the ascension  gifts and they're operation in the five fold offices. We will identify some of the gifting that you may move in your self. Developing  the character each office will help you see how important it is to stay open to the Holy Spirit and his movement. Each student will be require to write as 3 page report of your most super natural experience you had. The final exam will cover a paper of each of the offices that you have experience. Up to this point and what you understand right now on your journey.



This Course will serve to teach the weekly bible study from the Word to prompt students to walk by the Spirit.

This is the second half of the characteristic of the priest. This portion of the course will help in addressing the area that will open you to understanding the heart of the servant.

Foundation of Christianity 001 

Course creator and Instructor: Romaldo Ornelas

This is a Foundational beginning course on necessary Christian doctrines.


Course Creator and Instructor: Apostle Dodzie Anthonio

The Torah Curriculum  is  designed to give an in depth understanding of the Jewish roots of our faith. 

This course teaches how to walk as a priest of God. Identifying the characteristics.

This course is for Pastors and Leaders who want to learn how to operate and facilitate a ministerial home. The students who moved into the ministerial home. It would be more practical due to the curriculum is centered around the ministerial home. There are several group assignments that are done in the home. The students that have not been activated in their spiritual gifts are activated. For those who have been activated, they learn more about using their spiritual gifts. The other side of walking through this class is to get the personal and family living teachings which include learning how to shop for groceries and cooking. 

The home environment also provides a place for spiritual healing deliverance and growth. Every step of the way students will learn the mandate of the ministry is to develop the character of the Priest.

The first class of the day is held right after the AM corporate prayer time. We try to close out study time at 8:00 AM. Daily Monday through Saturday.  We like to begin with prayer right at 6:00 am 
Ministerial Home courses earn college credit.

When the Bible was first written, it began as the first five books of what we know as the Old Testament; it was/is called the Pentateuch:  Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  The word Pentateuch comes from two Greek words that mean "five books" or "five scrolls.”  We believe the books were written by Moses. This course will cover the entire bible.