The Redeemer’s Theological Seminary is chartered by Sacramento Theological Seminary College. We are an Apostolic college dedicated to education and training according to God’s Word concerning the Apostolic Five-Fold Ministry. Our mandate is to raise up, train and equip those members whom God has positioned and set aside for his Kingdom purpose.

We are registered as S.T.S A Ray of Hope Life Changing Center Theological Seminary Extension accredited by Accrediting Commission International Contact 916-595-0930We are accredited by the Accrediting Commission International, bureau for Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education, through the state of California. A C I is a member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses. ACI is among the largest business organizations in the United States. Our affiliation has us connected with schools in the United States and some Internationally.

We accept college transfer credits from other colleges. Our students also are able to transfer their credits to all of our associated schools located in places such as but not limited to only extension schools in Japan, Canada, Korea, Seattle Washington, Chicago Illinois, Louisiana, Houston Texas, New York City, Jacksonville, Arkansas, Macon Georgia, Valdosta Georgia, Martinet Georgia. We feel people are needed to prepare for the challenging times we are in, which calls for a new breed of Leadership. The leadership of today has a great responsibility and urgency to identify, raise up and equip other leaders who can bring about change that is needed in the church.

Recognizing that education, and training people, is a necessary commodity promoted all over the world and touches every person on the earth. Education and training is what keeps our societies healthy, productive and caring communities. Through education we prepare for the future, sustain the present and repair the past.